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昭和30年(1955) 重要無形文化財技術指定

平成21年(2009) ユネスコ無形文化遺産登録



昭和50年(1975) 産業経済大臣指定伝統的工芸品指定



昭和51年(1976) 産業経済大臣指定伝統的工芸品指定




Shiozawa Kasuri

The Shiozawa Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture is well known for heavy snow area. A long winter closed by the snow, weaving has been carried out for a long time. The hemp textile technique woven in this area from 1200 years ago, it has been told that the technique to incorporate the hemp fabrics weaving into silk fabrics was during Edo dynasty.

The kasuri pattern (a splashed pattern) to weave with warp and weft is "one and only". There is no back side in the fabric because it is kasuri patterned. Unique touch and gloss by silk · strong twist yarn are the features.

84 years of foundation, Sakai Woven Fabric (Oriomoto Sakai) of “Shiozawa Omeshi” ・”Shiozawa Tsumugi” fabric.  As it known as “Fabric of Patience” because it cherish the texture of the material in more than 30 steps, carefully and cautiously made up with craftsmanship skill and spirit.

Prior to using it, if you moisten with steam (it will remove the finish paste) you will be able to feel the distinctive taste of “Hon Shiozawa” smooth touch of “Shibo Dachi” like a surface texturing.

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